External perceptions of the European Union as a global actor

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Publication Date 2009
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This book examines how the European Union (EU) is perceived beyond its borders in the US; the Middle East: Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Iran; Russia; China; India; Brazil and South Africa. The book also analyses the main perceptions of the EU in some key international institutions, including the World Bank; World Trade Organization, United Nations, African Union; and transnational actors, including non-Western media such as Al Jazeera. It seeks to provide a thorough analysis of the implications that these perceptions might have for the global role of the EU.

1. Introduction – The EU in the Eyes of the Others: Why bother? - Sonia Lucarelli and Lorenzo Fioramonti

Part 1: Great powers, Conflict Areas and Emerging Markets
2. American Perceptions of the EU: Through a Glass, Darkly or Through the Looking Glass? - Jim Sperling
3. Eastern Giants: The EU in the Eyes of Russia and China - Mara Morini, Roberto Peruzzi and Arlo Poletti
4. Taking the Lead: EU Mediation Role Assessed by Iran and Lebanon - Ruth Hanau Santini, Raffaele Mauriello, Lorenzo Trombetta
5. Between Attraction and Resistance: Israeli views of the European Union - Sharon Pardo
6. Conflict and Hope: The EU in the Eyes of Palestine - Simona Santoro and Rami Nasrallah
7. The Emerging ‘Global South’: The EU in the Eyes of India, Brazil and South Africa - Gerrit Olivier and Lorenzo Fioramonti
8. So Far, So Close? Mexico’s Views of the EU - Alejandro Chanona

Part 2: International Organizations, Regional Institutions and the Media
9. Partnership in Peril? Images and Strategies in EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations - Ole Elgstrom
10. Aid, Trade and Development: World Bank’s Vi- Eugenia Baroncelli
11. The EU through the Eyes of the United Nations: The Quest for Unity - Franziska Brantner
12. Regional Partners? Perceptions and Criticisms at the African Union - Daniela Sicurelli
13. Non-Western Media and the EU: Perspectives from Al Jazeera - Donatella Della Ratta
14. Close Enough? The EU’s Global Role Described by Non-European Diplomats in Brussels - Caterina Carta
15. Conclusions - Self-Representations and External Perceptions: Can the EU Bridge the Gap? - Lorenzo Fioramonti and Sonia Lucarelli

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