Factors Influencing Business Development in Estonia (the case of North Sakala Rural Municipality)

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Series Details Volume 27, Number 3-4, Pages 175-179
Publication Date 2019
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The objective of the study was to identify the positive and negative factors influencing business activities of the North Sakala Rural Municipality and to make proposals to the local Rural Municipality Government, in order to improve the competitiveness of the area and to decrease the trends of becoming a periphery, improving the local business environment for local businesses and preventing the transfer of business activities of entrepreneurs to larger centres of attraction. The following research tasks were set for the achievement of this objective:
  • to study and provide an overview of the impact of regional development policy, administrative reform and rural business activities on the development of the local business environment;
  • to study and assess the current business situation of the North Sakala Rural Municipality;
  • to conduct a survey among heads of businesses of the North Sakala Rural Municipality and to analyse the results obtained;
  • proceeding from the results of the survey, to make suggestions for the improvement of the business situation.
Source Link https://doi.org/10.15157/tpep.v27i3-4.16231
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