Failing the EU test? Turkey’s national programme, EU candidature and the complexities of democratic reform

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Series Details Vol.7, No.1, Spring 2002, p51-68
Publication Date March 2002
ISSN 1354-2982
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Democracy and human rights are frequently perceived as barriers to Turkey's accession to the EU. The recent publication of the 'National Programme for the Adoption of the Acquis' has done little to allay concerns that the country continues to 'fail the EU test' by failing to meet the Copenhagen political criteria. However, Turkey readily accepts EU 'interference' when it accords with national policy objectives. The lack of consistency in Turkey's approach to aligning domestic democratic norms with those of the EU is the result of divisions within the political elites. It is argued that EU integration provides a framework within which greater domestic legitimacy and international credibility could be achieved

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