Fear and loathing in Namur: CETA will likely be rescued, but disaffection with globalisation can no longer be ignored

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The Belgian government stated on the 24 October 2016 that it was unable to sign the proposed EU-Canada free trade agreement, CETA, due to opposition in the region of Wallonia.

The regional parliaments of the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Walloon region in Belgium had rejected the agreement in the previous weeks, meaning the Belgian Federal government could not ratify the deal. Without a Belgian signature, CETA could not enter into force.

Bob Hancké outlines the complicated federal arrangements in the country which have derailed the agreement and suggests that while previous Belgian compromises indicate CETA can still be saved, popular dissatisfaction with globalisation across Europe is only likely to grow.

News sources reported on the 27 October 2016 that the federal Belgium Government had come to an agreement with the Walloon authorities to allow for Belgium to join all other EU Member States in signing the agreement with Canada.
However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had already postponed a planned trip to Europe to sign the agreement on the 27 October 2016.

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