Finnish parliamentary election, 14 April 2019

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Reports and analyses relating to the legislative elections held in Finland on 14 April 2019.

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In Finland, the Members of Parliament are usually elected every four years. In the parliamentary election, the country is divided into electoral districts. A certain number of Members of Parliament are selected from each district. The number depends on the population of the electoral district. A total number of 200 Members of Parliament are elected. A functioning government is required a parliamentary majority of at least 101 seats.

In March 2019, the coalition government led by Centre's Party Juha Sipila - and also include the National Coalition Party (NCP) and the Blue Reform Party - resigned after it failed to agree on major social and health reform. The cabinet remained in place in a caretaker capacity until the election in April. During the electoral campaign, leaders from some of the main political parties rejected the possibility to join a coalition which would include the Finns Party.

On 14 April, the opposition Social Democrats (SDP) claimed a narrow win (17,7%) over the Eurosceptic Finns Party (17,5%). The co-ruling Centre Party scored 13,8%, while the National Coalition stood at 17,0%. This was the first time in a century that no party won more than 20% in a general election. Antti Rinne, leader of the biggest party in parliament, SDP, would be given the first shot at forming a government.

Five centre-left parties concluded talks in early June to form a new government. Social Democrat leader Rinne was set to become the first leftist Prime Minister for 20 years. The newly formed government consisted of the SDP, the Greens, the Centre party, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People's Party. It planned to increase public spending by increasing taxes on fuel, tobacco and alcohol.

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