Flexicurity and beyond. Finding a new agenda for the European social model

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Publication Date 2007
ISBN 978-87-574-1708-1
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For the development of the EU, the Lisbon process and the European Social Model, Flexicurity has become a keyword. How does synergy emerge from a flexible labourmarket that also provides security for the employees? While economic and social progress are often taken as opposites, Flexicurity aims at showing ways of overcoming this impasse. The nature of Flexicurity and its future are discussed in this comprehensive book.

The contributions are from an international conference with leading European scholars, held at the University of Aalborg in October 2006. The ambition of the conference was to take stock of European Flexicurity research and to discuss the policy guidelines to which it can inspire. This book is of central value for all those interested inthe economic and political future of Europe.

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