Focus: European Fiscal Union

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Series Details Vol.11 No.1, Spring 2012
Publication Date March 2012
ISSN 1615-245X
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A series of features:

+ Fuest, Clemens and Andreas Peichl: European Fiscal Union: What Is It? Does It work? And Are There Really 'No Alternatives'?

+ Calmfors, Lars: Can the Eurozone Develop into a Well-functioning Fiscal Union?

+ Beetsma, Roel and Raymond Gradus: A Discussion of the Changes to Europe's Macro-fiscal Framework in Response to the Crisis

+ Schalck, Christophe: Coordination of Fiscal Policies: A Necessary Step toward a Fiscal Union

+ Schelkle, Waltraud: European Fiscal Union: From Monetary Back Door to Parliamentary Main Entrance

+ Keuschnigg, Christian: Should Europe Become a Fiscal Union?

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