Focus: Financial Crisis

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Series Details Vol.9, No.4, Winter 2008, p3-73
Publication Date December 2008
ISSN 1615-245X
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A series of features on aspects of the global economic and financial crisis:

The End of the Wheeling and Dealing (Hans-Werner Sinn)

Origins and Responses to the Current Crisis (Barry Eichengreen)

The Causes of the Financial Crisis (Martin Hellwig)

Containment and Resolution in the Financial Crisis: Too Little, Too Late (Patrick Honohan)

The Global Financial Crisis: Causes, Anti-Crisis Policies and First Lessons (Marek Dabrowski)

The Tsunami: Measures of Contagion in the 2007–2008 Credit Crunch (Mardi Dungey)

Avoiding the Next Crisis (David G. Mayes)

Europe’s Banking Challenge: Reregulation without Refragmentation (Nicolas Véron)

We Need More Oversight (Friedrich L. Sell)

The Financial Crisis in Japan – Are There Similarities to the Current Situation? (Johannes Mayr)

What Happened to Korea Ten Years Ago? (Chang Woon Nam)

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