Focus: Germany and Turkey in Europe: Strategic Outlook

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Series Details Vol.14, No.2, Summer 2016
Publication Date June 2016
ISSN 1612-0663
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A series of articles looking at one of the most important bilateral geopolitical relationships in Europe - between Germany and Turkey.

+ Yalcin, Erdal: Introduction: Germany and Turkey in Europe: Strategic Outlook

+ Özel, Işık: From a ‘Rising Star’ to Fragile Market Trapped in Middle-Income: An Overview of the Turkish Economy

+ Tolksdorf, Helge: Economic Challenges and Opportunities for Turkey and Germany – A German Perspective

+ Yalcin, Erdal: EU-Turkish Customs Union: A Reasonable Roadmap

+ Eralp, Nilgün Arisan: Challenges of the German-Led Refugee Deal between Turkey and the EU

+ Turhan, Ebru: Europe’s Crises, Germany’s Leadership and Turkey’s EU Accession Process

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