For a drastic reform of European institutions

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Series Details Vol.28, No.2, April 2003, p250-258
Publication Date April 2003
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If and only if drastically reformed, European institutions could function effectively in a Union of 25 members having political ambitions. If it were elected directly by the citizens, the European Commission could become a virtual European government. Its president could become the President of the Union, proposed by the a simple majority of the Heads of State or government representing half the population of the Union. The Commission should be invested and monitored by the European Parliament, whose legislative power should be extended to all the legislative work of the Union, including foreign and security affairs. Moreover, the Parliament should co-ordinate and uphold the consultative work of the Economic and Social Committee and of the Committee of the Regions, whose members should be elected directly by the grassroots and the peoples of the regions. Finally, the Council should have a permanent political structure in Brussels made up of the ministers of European affairs.

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