Foreign Affairs Council, 7 December 2020

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A meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) was held on 7 December 2020. The agenda included the following items:

  • Adoption of a Decision establishing a Global Human Rights sanctions regime;
  • Briefing on the latest legislative elections held in Venezuela;
  • Briefing on the situation in Georgia;
  • Update on the latest developments surrounding Turkey;
  • Review of the situation in Belarus;
  • Discussion on the situation in Ethiopia;
  • Discussion on how to reinvigorate the strategic partnership with the United States of America (USA) and engage with its forthcoming administration;
  • Adoption of conclusions on EU-US relations;
  • Exchange of views on how to enhance and operationalise the EU's strategic autonomy from a foreign and security policy perspective;
  • Review on the implementation of theĀ National Security Law imposed on Hog Kong;
  • Adoption of conclusions on Lebanon;
  • Adoption of conclusions on theĀ Civilian CSDP Compact 2021;
  • Adoption of conclusions on EU Peace Mediation.
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