Formation of Estonian government following parliamentary election in March 2019

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Reports and analyses of the process of government formation in Estonia, following an inconclusive legislative election on 3 March 2019 from which none of the competing political parties managed to acquire a parliamentary majority.

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The incumbent Centre party came second in the election (26 seats), runner-up to the Reform party (32 seats). The two parties would enjoy a parliamentary majority together, or otherwise by any of them teaming up with two other parties. The two leading forces engaged in talks following the election but later discussions collapsed over the rejection of the Centre party of a proposed arrangement put forward by the Reform party. Alternatively, the Centre party launched talks with right-wing Isamaa and EKRE for an alternative formula. The inclusion of the latter party - the third most voted party but seen by many as standing within right-wing extremism - was subject to criticism by political stakeholders in the country.

On 5 April, the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid formally asked the leader of the winning party to form government. Reform party's Kaja Kallas launched talks with the Social Democrats (SDE) to form a coalition but faced reduced chances of gathering a parliamentary majority. On 8 April, a coalition agreement between the Centre party, Isamaa and EKRE was signed. This formula would theoretically kick in should the Reform party be unable to find a coalition cabinet with a majority in Parliament. The Reform party and the SDE reached an agreement on principles guiding a coalition cabinet on 13 April.

Following the rejection by Parliament of the proposed Reform-SDE coalition on 15 April, the Head of State formally asked the leader of the Centre party to form government. The coalition agreement previously signed with Isamaa and EKRE became effective and the proposed coalition government was endorsed by Parliament on 17 April. The cabinet was formally accepted by Ms Kaljulaid on 24 April.

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European Council: Press Release, 17/04/2019: Letter of congratulations from President Donald Tusk to Jüri Ratas on his re-appointment as Prime Minister of Estonia

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