Formation of Spanish government following general election in April 2019

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Reports and analyses of the process of government formation in Spain, following an inconclusive general election on 28 April 2019 from which none of the competing political parties managed to acquire a parliamentary majority.

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Spain's centre-left Socialists (PSOE) - the winners of the election and yet short of a majority - engaged in talks with the main political parties in the country as it sought to understand the best way forward in terms of parliamentary support to the future cabinet. Media reports suggested the party would attempt at governing without a formal coalition, but commentators still noted the Socialists would be likely to require some degree of support from the leftist Podemos party and/or from the centre-right Ciudadanos party.

The issue regarding Catalonia and the best way to engage in talks with those demanding independence of the region is a major sticking point in any negotiations.

On 6 June - following consultations with the main political parties - King Felipe VI indicated PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez as the most likely contender to form government. Mr Sánchez announced meetings with Ciudadanos, People's Party (PP) and Podemos. Despite lengthy negotiations with the latter, the two sides were not able to find an agreement which could support the cabinet. Analysts suggested the prospects of yet another parliamentary election had increased. A confirmation vote in Parliament for a proposed government was scheduled to be held in any scenario.

Mr Sánchez failed to secure a parliamentary majority in the first round of the confirmation vote on 23 July (155-124). Following further negotiations, PSOE and Podemos failed to reach an agreement on ministerial posts, which would have secured a coalition cabinet. On 25 July, a second round of votes also resulted in a defeat to the caretaker head of government.

A last round of votes was initially scheduled for mid-September 2019. However, following two days of failed negotiations between the main parties, King Felipe VI announced on 17 September he had decided not to put forward a candidate for parliamentary consideration. The existing Parliament was therefore set to be dissolved and a snap election - the fourth in as many years - called for 10 November.

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