Forum: Competing Regionalism – Patterns, Economic Impact and Implications for the Multilateral Trading System

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Series Details Vol.42, No.5, September-October 2007 p236-259
Publication Date September 2007
ISSN 0020-5346
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A series of articles: The stagnation of the Doha Round trade talks has given a fresh impetus to regionalism worldwide which manifests itself in a race for markets between regional trading blocs. This Forum is concerned with the patterns of regionalism to be found in different parts of the world, with their interplay and the implications for the multilateral trading system.

Stephen Woolcock: European Union Policy on Free Trade Agreements, p236

Claude Barfield: US Trade Policy: The Emergence of Regional and Bilateral Alternatives to Multilateralism, p239

Donald MacLaren: Competing Regionalism: the Asia-Pacific Region, p249

Georg Koopmann: Tripartite Regionalism in Latin America,

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