France and European integration: Toward a transnational polity?

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-275-96734-4
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This book addresses the transformations brought upon the French state by European integration through an incremental and cumulative process generally referred to as 'Europeanization'. It examines how regional integration affects French governmental structures, public policies, political processes and culture.

Chapter one focuses on the role of the state in French history and politics, the nature of the post-war social-economic consensus in France and the changing role that European membership has played in the promotion of France's national interest since 1957. Chapter two analyses the transformations of the French governmental structures caused by the EU. It charts the evolving relationship among the three branches of government in relation to their European context, the emergence of a new European culture among French governing elites and the growing internalisation of the European parameter in governmental culture and processes. Chapters three to six appraise the impact of European integration on the sovereign functions of the French state. They study the curtailing of economic interventionism, the constraints of convergence for the single currency on France's budgetary policy and its welfare state, the transition from a national to a federal currency and the evolving defense and security policy and changing definition of the national territory. Finally, Chapter seven addresses the issue of new territory-based and identity-based values and attitudes.

The book is intended for undergraduate students with a sound knowledge of EU history, institutions and policies, but with little or no knowledge of French history or politics. This is a national case study of Europeanization upon which comparative studies may be built.

Michel R. Gueldry is Associate Professor of French Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies. Professor Gueldry has published extensively in journals such as 'French Politics and Society', 'La Revue Fran├žaise', and 'European Community Studies Association Review'.

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