France seeks answers to security challenge

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Features reporting on the reaction of the French authorities to the terrorist attacks hitting Paris on 13 November 2015.

Investigations continued regarding the identity of those who undertook the attacks to restaurants, bars and a concert hall. French military launched on 15 November 2015 a major air strike against Raqqa, seen as a stronghold of the so-called Islamic State.

Back in France, dozens of police raids took place in several cities and towns, while it remained unclear whether these were all related to the terrorist attacks. Several people were arrested or taken for questioning. French president François Hollande vowed to keep the state of emergency in place for a further 3 months, a decision which would require a special law from the parliament (to be presented on the 18 November 2015).

Later on the 16 November 2015 President Hollande spoke to a very rare joint session of parliament. He said that 'we are at war against jihadist terrorism' and added that France would intensify anti-terror operations in Syria. He announced a series of new security measures in France, and asked for a 'unique' international coalition of all countries who stand against IS, and a special UN resolution against the militant group.

French President François Hollande invoked article 42.7 of the Treaty of the European Union, on the 16 November 2015 requesting bilateral aid and assistance from other EU member states. Defence and Foreign Ministers at the Foreign Affairs (Defence) in Brussels on the 17 November 2015 expressed their unanimous and full support to France and their readiness to provide all the necessary aid and assistance.

News sources reported that three people were killed in a shootout during a major police operation targeting the alleged mastermind of the 13 November 2015 attacks in Paris in the early hours of the 18 November 2015.

The French National Assembly voted on the 19 November 2015 to prolong the state of emergency in the country for a period of three months. This step would allow the authorities to impose curfews and carry out searches without a warrant, among other measures.

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