Franco-German relations

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'Franco-German relations underpin the history of modern Western Europe' claims Alistair Cole in the opening chapter of this book. Has the history of this bilateral relationship matured through conflict to exercise leadership within and beyond the European Union? Has the last decade seen a convergence between France and Germany? Is there a changing balance within the Franco-German relationship? These are the questions that prompt the investigation of issues including the dynamics of the Franco-German relationship, the governance of the EU, the properties of the EU policy process, and the direction of change in post cold war Europe in the latest title in Longman's 'Political Dynamics of the European Union' series.

The book is organised into seven chapters, each one carrying it's own conclusion. Chapter 1 places the relationship in a historical perspective with the emphasis on 20th century relations. The framework for analysing the Franco-German relationship is set out in Chapter 2 and moves on in Chapter 3 to investigate the internal operation of the relationship. Chapter 4 examines the operation of the relationship at the European Union level and discusses whether or not the Franco-German relationship exercises leadership within the EU. An overview of the relationship in the economic, industrial and monetary spheres is presented in Chapter 5. The importance of the relationship in defence and security affairs is examined in Chapter 6 and concludes that there is evidence of greater convergence in this sphere of public action. The extent to which the relationship necessitated a remodelling following the return of centre-left governments in Britain, France and Germany in the late 1990s is dealt with in Chapter 7. The overall conclusion is presented in chapter 8, which explores the strengthening nature of the relationship and whether or not convergence has moved towards a German bias that may underpin the relationship itself.

The book will interest students of contemporary France and Germany and will be essential reading for courses on the European Union covering as it does two of the key EU Member States.

Alistair Cole is Professional Research Fellow at Cardiff University.

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