Free movement in the European Union. Cases, commentaries and questions

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 87-574-0999-4
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The rules on freedom of movement are in the main judge-made. This work is therefore structured around judgments handed down by the European Court of Justice. The book is essentially based upon the third edition of ‘EU-domme med bemoerkninger og spørgsmål’, which has been used at the University of Copenhagen for teaching European Union rules on the freedom of movement of goods, persons, services and capital since 1998.

The work is organised over eight chapters. The first addresses the implementation of EU rules, while chapter two deals with EU rules regulating the Member States’ administrations. Chapter three covers free movement of goods, looking at aspects such as tax provisions, import and export restrictions and intellectual property rights. The fourth chapter concerns EU citizenship, and the fifth addresses the free movement of workers. Chapter six deals with freedom of establishment, while chapter seven covers the free movement of services. The final chapter deals with the free movement of capital. There are over one hundred important cases on these topics and each one is accompanied by comments and questions.

The work will interest those engaged in courses studying the rules of the internal market.

Morten Broberg is Associate Professor in Community Law at the University of Copenhagen.

Nina Holst-Christensen is Head of the European Community and Human Rights Law Division at the Danish Ministry of Justice, and a Visiting Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Copenhagen.

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