From closed doors to European democracy. Beyond the intergovernmental conferences in The European Union beyond Amsterdam. New concepts of European integration, p47-60

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Publication Date 1998
ISBN 0-415-16879-1 (Hbk)
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The European Union beyond Amsterdam. New concepts of European integration:
The European Union is undergoing a period of fundamental change. With the next stages of enlargement and debates to determine the financial contributions of each Member State under way, the European Union faces painful and protracted negotiations over its evolution and its future.

This new book, edited by Martin Westlake, comprises a series of original contributions in celebration of the life and work of Jacques Vandamme, a long-time Belgian federalist, currently Honorary President of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association and a man with a very long and distinguished professional and academic career in 'European' activities. The editor asked the contributors to look beyond the Amsterdam Intergovernmental Conference and to address crucial long-term issues in the EU such as democratising the Union, establishing a common foreign policy, the rule of law and constitutional change. The volume, which includes a foreword by Jacques Delors, offers fresh and farreaching theoretical approaches which will enrich the continuing debates surrounding the integration process. The analyses provide valuable insights into the way the EU will evolve in the twenty-first century. Contributors include Martin Westlake, John Pinder, Andrew Duff, Gianni Bonvicini, Wolfgang Wessels, Jean-Victor Louis, Robert Toulemon, Leo Tindemans and Jacques Vandamme.

Westlake, Martin (ed.)
The European Union beyond Amsterdam. New concepts of European integration
Routledge, 1998
ISBN: 0-415-16879-1 (Hbk)/ 0-415-16880-5 (Pbk)
Price: £45.00 (Hbk)/ £14.99 (Pbk)

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