From co-operation to integration

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-7494-3337-X
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This book is one of the European Dossier Series, published by Kogan Page in association with the London European Research Centre. Started in 1989, the series presents accessible analyses of EU policies, institutions and related themes in a concise yet thorough style. This book, by Michelle Cini, focuses on the nature of the European Union as policy-making organisation with the premise that the EU is a fragmented polity. It discusses the different strategies - co-operation, co-ordination and integration - which have been used to accommodate for the fragmented nature of EU policy making. Part one of the dossier examines the various ways in which the fragmentation of the European Union has been accommodated with specific emphasis on the structure of relationships both within and between the EU institutions. Cini argues that while there is ample scope for policy coherence within policy areas, the extent of coherence across policy areas is much less promising. Part two discusses the concept of the 'policy network' within the EU and goes on to look at two mechanisms for promoting horizontal co-operation across policies: 'policy integration' and 'policy community mediation'. Cini argues that ultimately it is the capacity of EU actors and institutions to mediate across policy networks that would seem to be most important in ensuring the effectiveness of the EU's policy process. This book will be useful for all those interested in the nature of policy making in the European Union. Michelle Cini is Jean Monnet lecturer in European Community Studies at the University of Bristol.

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