From double containment to double vision: the fragmentation of America’s Europe policy in the post-Cold War era in The promise and reality of European security co-operation, p21-35

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Publication Date 1998
ISBN 0-275-95949-X
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The promise and reality of European security co-operation. States, interests, and institutions:
The political reordering of Europe is one of the key challenges facing the world today. After years of east-west tension centred upon Europe, will the twenty-first century be marked by co-operation or by confrontation in the area? Structures need to be in place to accommodate social unrest, ethnic divisions and the national policies of states as much as military threats. What are to be the roles of the EU, NATO and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)?

This book looks at the question of European security co-operation and the developing European order in an attempt to assess the challenges of rebuilding European security institutions in the context of the changing European security environment in the 1990s. A range of writers address the balance between sovereign state interests and institutional influence in defining and meeting the challenges of European security co-operation. Individual chapters look at the question from the perspective of various national players: the USA, Russia, Germany and France. Subsequent chapters look at institutions of European security: the construction of the European Pillar; the OSCE; Multilateral security regimes: the politics of CFE and CSBMs; and the Balkan conflict: the test case for European security co-operation.

McKenzie, Mary M./ Loedel, Peter H. (eds)
The promise and reality of European security co-operation. States, interests and institutions
Praeger Publishers, 1998
ISBN: 0-275-95949-X
Price: £47.95

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