From The Hague to Stockholm: the Future of EU’s Internal Security, Artitecture and Police Cooperation

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This background paper analyses policy developments in the light of the Stockholm programme, which will succeed to The Hague Programme.

So far, progresses have been slow in criminal law, family law and there has been considerable delays in the transposition in EU Member states’ legislation. Other obstacles include a low exchange of information between Member states regarding persons convicted of offences, but
also weak operational cooperation between police

After assessing The Hague Programme’s achievements in the field of police cooperation, the present background paper analyses the latest Europol Council decision and possible future changeswith the Lisbon Treaty in the field of accountability and judicial scrutiny.

Then, the paper addresses the issue of the external dimension of JHA, and the leading role taken by Europol in that field; questioning whether the activism that Europol shows in its external relations is not turning it
into an hostage of the JHA external dimension, rather than a proactive actor.

The paper will conclude raising some key issues that could be taken on board by the Stockholm Programme.

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