German Federal Election, September 2021

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Information Guide prepared by the ESO team covering information sources on the federal elections in Germany held on 26 September 2021. It includes the electoral campaign and the immediate aftermath of the election.

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This federal election is for the lower house of the German federal parliament (Bundestag). In person voting takes place on the day, but postal voting was launched in advance. The Bundestag is made up of at least 598 seats, and usually more. Its members are elected every four years in a mixed system of constituency and list voting.

This election was marked by the end of a 16-year chancellorship of Angela Merkel, who had previously announced she would not be running to renew her mandate. Her centre-right party CDU showed signs of internal instability and there were strains with its sister Bavarian party, CSU. Yet, the party went on to select a new candidate for chancellorship - Armin Laschet was eventually elected by 52.8% of party delegates at a convention held in January 2021.

Polls also showed an increasingly electorally competitive Alliance 90/The Greens under the leadership of their chancellorship candidate, Annalena Baerbock, who was formally nominated at a party conference in June 2021. The centre-left SPD - who had been governing alongside CDU/CSU in a grand coalition - selected vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz after the party showed its own signs of internal struggle and electoral decline amid the increasing popularity of the Greens.

The latest polls suggested an electoral recovery for the SPD and the centre-right FDP, to the expense of the Greens and particularly CDU.


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