Germany in the New Europe. German–Russian Relations in European and Translatlantic Perspective

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Publication Date 13/02/2015
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Diverging narratives of the Cold War have laid the ground for diverging approaches to Russia on both sides of the Atlantic. Germany's Russia policy has pragmatic, material and ideological aspects; a key component is the country’s long history of trade and exchange with Russia. Germany’s interest in and tradition of cooperation with Russia has pre-war roots and serves multiple interests. Even today, and despite some latent tensions between values and interests, Germany feels it has a special role to play in anchoring Russia to the West. In addition, Germany’s high standing and Russia’s positive narrative of its old enemy contrast favorably with dominant perceptions in countries otherwise closer to Germany. This complex backdrop has paved the way for a partnership that assumed more institutionalized forms during Gerhard Schröder’s term as chancellor but has otherwise remained largely instrumental, particularly since Angela Merkel took over in 2005.

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