Germany on Trump’s future policies: fear of anti-globalisation

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The election of Donald Trump as President of the USA came as a shock to German public opinion. Even now, some time after the fact, shock still dominates both the media coverage and the statements by representatives of the political elite.

The uncertainty is heightened by concerns about Germany’s strategic economic interests, which the new American policy might hinder if it follows the statements made during Donald Trump’s election campaign. Germany is worried that the foundations of globalisation, from which Germany has benefited so much in recent years, will be shaken, and that the new US President’s policy could lead to a weakening of the EU's cohesion, raise tensions in global trade, and halt the policy of energy transformation based on renewable sources.

It seems that for now, Germany’s only remedy for the uncertainty associated with Trump’s future policy is an attempt to develop a coherent EU position which specifies the limits of its cooperation with the new administration.

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