Germany set for four more years with Merkel? / What does Europe make of the German elections?

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Euro|Topics relaunched their website during 2016. Features published before that date are still available via an archive website (see related url hyperlinks).On the 24 September 2017 Germany’s federal elections would decide whether Angela Merkel remained Chancellor of Germany. Europe’s press a month away saw her party was heading for victory, although commentators wondered why the opposition had not fully exploited her weaknesses.

For further reports of the German election campign in late August and early September 2017 see the related url hperlinks below.

A single live tv debate between the CDU leader Angela Merkel and SDP leader Martin Schulz took place on the 3 September 2017. Key topics debated included migration, Turkey, North Korea, Donald Trump, social justice and Dieselgate.

A further tv debate took place for the leaders of the next five political parties on the 4 September 2017.

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