Gibraltar, a possible solution: diffused sovereignty and shared functions

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The divorce negotiations over the future relationship agreement between the UK and the EU forces the issue over Gibraltar. In less than a year, the concrete if complex aspects of Brexit should be resolved; at the same time, the possibility will open for a general solution to the controversy surrounding the territory’s status. Although this window of opportunity will not last for long, for the first time in recent history there will be a chance for an agreement. The current moment combines the interest of Gibraltar to remain part of the EU with a constructive Spanish attitude, evident in the proposal for shared sovereignty of the territory and the desire to maintain close relations with London within the context of Brexit.

Based on several existing models and proposals, it is believed that a solution acceptable for all implicated parties could be found. Such a solution would contain almost the same substantial elements as ‘co-sovereignty’ but it would involve a different approach to certain symbolic issues and the ultimate definition of the territory’s status.

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