‘Global Britain’ and ‘Europe of Defence’: Prospects, challenges and opportunities

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Publication Date September 2021
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Since the referendum to leave the European Union (EU) in 2016, the United Kingdom (UK) has been rethinking its role in world affairs. Under the 'Global Britain' banner, the UK sees itself as a force for multilateralism, a strong military power with global presence and reach, and a strong pillar of the transatlantic alliance. Reflection on the implications of 'Global Britain' for the UK's future foreign, security and defence policy has resulted in two strategic documents, the Integrated Review and the Defence Command Paper, which outline policy priorities and the government's strategic vision.

Although the EU as such is to a large extent absent from these strategic documents, there are implications to be considered, particularly as the EU has taken significant steps towards defence and military integration and as it is continuing to deepen its relationship with NATO.

Although foreign, security and defence policy were excluded from the formal negotiations on a new EU-UK partnership, at the British government's request, it appears that the EU and UK foreign policy positions, strategic considerations, and security interests remain largely aligned. Various experts therefore argue that it is worth considering options for flexible engagements and for cultivating a new relationship through other common multilateral, bilateral and international forums.

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