Global Employment Trends 2014. Risk of a jobless recovery?

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Publication Date 2014
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The weak global economic recovery has failed to lead to an improvement in global labour markets, with global unemployment in 2013 reaching almost 202 million, the ILO said The Global Employment Trends 2014 report issued in January 2014.

The report said that employment growth remained weak, unemployment continued to rise, especially among young people, and large numbers of discouraged potential workers were still outside the labour market.

Profits were being made in many sectors, but those were mainly going into asset markets and not the real economy, damaging long-term employment prospects.

On current trends, an additional 200 million jobs would be created by 2018. This is less than what was required to absorb the growing number of new entrants into the labour market.

'What is urgently needed is a policy re-think. Stronger efforts are needed to accelerate employment creation and to support enterprises that create jobs,' said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

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