Globalisation, policy and shipping. Fordism, post-Fordism and the European Union maritime sector

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 1-84376-934-4
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This book is from the Edward Elgar series Transport Economics, Management and Policy, which aims to provide original material and up-to-date synthesis of the state of modern transport analysis.

The book examines the impact of globalisation on the international shipping industry. Following an introduction, chapter two is a scene setter, offering clarification of some of the most important areas for discussion and an insight into issues dealt with in the following chapters. The historical background and policy trends in shipping for the last five hundred years are discussed in chapter three. Detailed analysis of the relationships that exist between the levels of policy implementation is given in chapter four, which looks closely at the conflicts that exist between national, supranational and international levels of policy development. Chapter five explores the shipping policy of the European Union, and the main objectives and outcomes. Chapter six considers the impact of globalisation on EU shipping and policies leading to changes in strategies and perspectives. Chapter seven deals with the significance of tonnage tax within an EU policy supranational and Member State national context. Chapter eight considers the widely adopted policy models derived from Fordism, neo and post Fordism and how they might improve understanding of the shipping sector. The book closes with a concluding chapter.

The work will interest students and researchers engaged in the fields of maritime policy, decision making, political science and organisational theory as well as transport policymakers and shipping experts.

1. Introduction
2. Setting the Scene
3. An Overview of National Shipping Policies – History and Development
4. International, Supra-national and National Shipping Policies
5. The European Union and Shipping: A Case Study of Policy-making
6. The Impact of Globalisation on the European Union Shipping Industry
7. Cohesion in European Shipping Policy: The Case of Tonnage Tax
8. Globalisation Conflicts and Dimensions: Neo and Post-Fordist Developments in Shipping Policy
9. Conclusions

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