GLOBSEC Trends 2021: Central & Eastern Europe one year into the pandemic

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Publication Date June 2021
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The report GLOBSEC Trends 2021, measures trends and shifts in public attitudes in 10 Central European countries, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.  The report found widespread distrust in public institutions, dissatisfaction with how national governments are managing the COVID-19 pandemic and knowledge gaps regarding the meaning behind democracy. The results come as an intensive smear campaign is waged across the region against liberal democratic principles and policies.

Key Findings:-

  • Germany– a beacon of stability in a time of distress
  • EU and NATO remain overwhelmingly popular across the CEE region
  • China’s human rights violations are on the radar in CEE
  • Russian and Chinese vaccine diplomacy efforts fail to garner public support
  • While the willingness of people to get vaccinated has increased, some COVID-19 conspiracy theories still persist
  • National governments perceived as incompetent
  • Trust in medical and scientific authorities underpins vaccine interest
  • Democracy trumps authoritarianism -for now
  • Democracy does not equate to liberal democracy
  • Support for more stringent social media regulations gains momentum in CEE
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