‘Gold-Plating’ in the EAFRD – To What Extent Do National Rules Unnecessarily Add to Complexity and, as a Result, Increase the Risk of Errors?

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Publication Date 27/02/2014
ISBN 978-92-823-5434-6
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'Gold-plating' refers to obligations that go beyond EU requirements: an excess of norms, guidelines and procedures accumulated at national, regional and local levels interfering with the expected policy goals. A broad range of gold-plating issues have been identified in the EAFRD, related above all to eligibility and agri-environmental commitments, but also to payment issues, controls and procurement rules set at the RDPs level. Goldplating and related errors can be addressed by capacity building, coordination and cooperation between all actors involved.

Source Link http://dx.doi.org/10.2861/53972
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