Good to know about EU enlargement

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Publication Date 2009
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The year 2009 marks a historic double-anniversary. 20 years ago this autumn, we saw the Berlin Wall come down. In May this year, we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the enlargement of the European Union that successfully reunified Eastern and Western Europe.

Five years on, EU enlargement has brought benefits to people in old and new member states alike. Economically, enlargement has created export and investment opportunities, thus more jobs for the citizens of old member states, while it has led to better living standards in the new ones. It has helped to consolidate democracy, stability and security on our continent. An enlarged EU carries more weight when addressing issues of global importance, such as climate change or the international financial crisis. Today’s EU is not only bigger, it is also stronger, more dynamic and culturally richer.

While most EU citizens support the overarching goals of enlargement – to extend the area of peace and stability, democracy and prosperity throughout Europe – some remain sceptical about its benefits. This booklet responds to the most common concerns and presents a factual balance sheet of EU enlargement.

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