Governance in the 21st century

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 92-64-18541-0
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As we move into the 21st century, the turbulent transformation of economy and society looks set to continue. Growing integration of markets, radical new technologies, the increasing knowledge intensity of human activity, all point to the emergence of an immensely complex world. But how will it be managed? And by whom? What forms of organisation and decision-making will be required at local, national and global levels to meet the challenges of the next decades? One thing seems certain: old forms of governance - in the public sector, corporations and civil society - are becoming increasingly ineffective. New forms of governance will be needed over the next few decades which will involve a much broader range of active players. Traditional hierarchical organisations and top-down control will give way more and more to a wider diffusion of responsibility and decision-making that builds on the talents for innovation and creativity of individuals and groups. This book explores some of the opportunities and risks - economic, social and technological - that decision-makers will have to address in the coming years, and outlines what needs to be done to foster society 's capacity to manage its future more flexibly and with broader participation of its citizens.

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