Governing Europe’s marine environment

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Publication Date 2015
ISBN 978-1-4094-4727-6
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Governing Europe's Marine Environment is a coherent up-to-date multidisciplinary analysis of current approaches and challenges to the sustainable governance of Europe's marine environment.

The book is structured in three parts: Part 1 outlines general theoretical ideas about governance, governing, and governability and serves as a starting point for analysing the development of marine governance in Europe from the perspective of different disciplines. Part 2 includes studies of EU marine governance. Part 3 focuses on Europe's regional seas, namely the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

This book presents a better understanding of the fragmented governance of marine governance in Europe and in particular the tension between the Europeanization of regional seas and the regionalization of EU policies.


1. Governing Europe’s marine environment: key topics and challenges - Kristine Kern and Michael Gilek.

Part 1: Analytical Perspectives on Marine Governance
2. The ‘new’ marine governance: assessing governability - Svein Jentoft and Ratana Chuenpagdee
3. Marine governance: institutional capacity-building in a multi-level governance setting - Jan P.M. van Tatenhove
4. Float or sinker for Europe’s seas? The role of law in marine governance - Brita Bohman and David Langlet
5. The ecosystem management approach: implications for marine governance - Monica Hammer

Part 2: Marine Governance of the European Union
6. The Marine Strategy Framework Directive as a catalyst for maritime spatial planning: internal dimensions and institutional tensions - Elizabeth De Santo
7. The Regional Advisory Councils in European fisheries: an appropriate approach to stakeholder involvement in an EU integrated marine governance? - Marion Dreyer and Piet Sellke
8. Science and policy in the governance of Europe’s marine environment: the impact of Europeanization, regionalization and the ecosystem approach to management - Michael Gilek, Mikael Karlsson, Oksana Udovyk and Sebastian Linke

Part 3: Marine Governance of Europe’s Regional Seas
9. Marine governance in the Baltic Sea: current trends of Europeanization and regionalization - Sara Söderström, Kristine Kern and Björn Hassler
10. Marine governance of the North Sea: patterns of regionalization - Jan P.M. van Tatenhove and Judith van Leeuwen
11. Marine governance in the Mediterranean Sea - Juan Luís Suárez de Vivero and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Mateos
12. Marine governance in the Black Sea - Ståle Knudsen
13. Marine environmental governance in Europe: problems and opportunities - Michael Gilek, Björn Hassler and Svein Jentoft

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