Government crisis in Finland over postal strike

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Publication Date December 2019
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Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne resigned on 3 December 2019 after the Centre Party, which forms part of his coalition government withdrew its support over his handling of a labour dispute at the country’s state-owned postal service Posti. After his resignination, Sanna Marin, finland’s transport minister became the world's youngest Prime Minister as she was selected by her Social Democratic party, which is the largest party in the governing coalition, on 8 December.

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Between 11 to 27 November, thousands of Posti workers have gone on strike after the company announced plans to reassign 700 employees under new contracts with lower wages. Employees in other sectors, such as transport, joined the strike in solidarity. The strike led to major disruptions in Finnish transports causing delay and cancellations to a number of flights. On 27 November the dispute was resolved but the minister in charge of Finland's state postal service, Sirpa Paatero gave its resignation on 29 November.

Then the Centre Party said it has lost confidence in the Prime Minister which forced the latter to resign. Sanna Marin was later selected to replace him. Media sources highlighted the fact that Finland's coalition cabinet would be composed of five parties, all of which led by women.

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