Greece in the twentieth century

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 0-7146-5407-8 (Hbk) / 0-7146-8340-X (Pbk)
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The Greeks gave us 'metamorphosis' both in language and in mythology. It is therefore not surprising that the word should be so appropriately applied when we consider the real transformation of Greek political life in the twentieth century. This work charts the evolution of Greece in the last decades of that period.

The book is organised in five parts. Part one provides a piercing insight into the history of the Greek nation and the important role played by language and religion. The second part examines the formulation of international relations, the establishment of Greek defence policy and the significance of the Cyprus issue in developing that foreign policy, and more recently the relationship with the Balkan states. The domestic transformation is addressed in part three with emphasis on the role played by the European Union in the maintenance of democratic institutions and practices. The third part explores the development of the economic and scientific elements in Greece and exposes the dangers to social cohesion posed by the open market economy. The new role of women in Greek society and commerce is also commented upon. Part four concludes with a chapter on the Greek-American community. The way ahead is the substance of part five, and again emphasis is placed upon the impact of EU membership in improving the climate for peace and reconciliation of the Turkish issue, and the progress towards further reforms engineered to uphold and strengthen social cohesion.

The book will interest students and scholars engaged in European studies, international relations and political sciences.

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