Greece’s new geopolitics

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-8330-3042-6
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Greece has undergone a period of change over recent years, affected by changes in the international environment, upheavals in South Eastern Europe and changes within Greek society as it has adopted a more European outlook. This book assesses these changes and the implications for Greece's new geopolitical role and provides suggestions for policy priorities and directions for Greece and its partners. Subjects dealt with include the end of the marginalisation of Greece, changing relationships with other countries both in and beyond the EU, globalisation and transregional issues, and its changing strategic culture.

The book is divided into five chapters. After an introduction, chapter two looks at the geopolitical environment with special attention to transregional trends and their implications for Greek interests and politics. Developments in the immediate environments of the Balkan and Aegean are examined as well as international developments. Greece's position in relation to the globalisation debate is also looked at. Chapter 3 concentrates specifically on South Eastern Europe. The chapter examines the security environment in the Balkans since the Kosovo conflict and its implications for Greek policy. Chapter 4 explores the political economy of regional infrastructure developments in the sectors of transportation, energy and telecommunications. Key issues are identified, as are prominent projects or initiatives, and the policy implications of such plans. Finally Chapter 5 offers overall observations, conclusions and policy directions for Greece and its partners.

The research which forms the basis of this book was conducted in RAND's National Security Research Division in the International Security and Defence Policy Centre. The book would be suited to the academic community.

This book is distributed in the United Kingdom by Eurospan Group.

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