Greek choices after the elections: is exit an option?

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In the days ahead of the Greek snap elections on 25 January 2015 a huge range of opinions has appeared on what Greece and its lenders should do. A large group of people are saying that Greek public debt is unsustainable and a significant part of it should be written off. In their view, the Troika is responsible for the deep crisis, austerity has failed, and the fiscal space gained from the debt write-off should be used to stimulate growth.

Another opinion says that irresponsible pre-crisis Greek policies, as well as the extremely large, 15% of GDP budget deficit in 2009, necessitated the bail-out in 2010. Implementation of the bail-out conditionality was incomplete and the Geek public sector is so inefficient and so much depends on cronyism that it is not surprising that the Greek crisis became so deep. As always, both sides have some truths but none of these explanations is complete. One could write a lot on what happened, who is responsible for desperate social hardship and what should have been done differently. But after the elections, both Greeceā€™s new leaders and euro-area partners should look ahead: given the status quo, what are the real choices?

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