Guide to the European Parliament 2002-2004

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 2-914685-06-8
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Book abstract:

This guide provides up-to-date information of contacts within the European Parliament. It begins with an introduction by the newly elected President of the European Parliament, Pat Cox and goes on to describes the functioning of the European Parliament followed by a review of the February 2002 mid-term election results. Also included is a short analysis of the future of the European Parliament and the impact of EU enlargement. The guide also outlines the balance of power among the political parties, the key figures and full biographical details of all of the MEPs.

The book includes contact details for the political groups followed by the names and contact details of Chairs, Vice Chairs, and the Co-ordinators and advisors of committees. A short overview of each party's political programme is also included. Membership of the Working Bodies is listed followed by contact details and the structure of the Secretariat General. The MEPs are listed alphabetically with contact information and biographical details, followed by a listing by country and political party. Contact details include office numbers in Brussels and Strasbourg and constituency addresses.

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