How the Pandemic Strengthened the EU

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The Covid-19 pandemic increased the powers of the European Commission and changed the way the European Union worked in many policy areas, not only health. It also showed that the EU needed more effective tools to deal with public health emergencies; the European Health Union (EHU) was a big step in the right direction. The EHU was created by three regulations:

The EU’s response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine has built on the lessons of the pandemic, with member-states giving the EU institutions more latitude to act quickly rather than laboriously crafting compromises. Other crises will arise: member-states should already be thinking about how the EU can leverage its regulatory and other powers to combat threats – whether viruses or foreign leaders – that do not respect Europe’s national borders

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European Commission: COM (2020) 724: Building a European Health Union: Reinforcing the EU’s resilience for cross-border health threats

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