Hungarian government announces birth rate plan

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Publication Date February 2019
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Reports and analyses on a package of proposals put forward by Hungary's government aimed at raising the country's birth rate.

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The measures - announced on 10 February 2019 - include a proposal for Hungarian women with four children or more to be exempted for life from paying income tax. They also feature favourable mortgage terms for families with multiple children, support for families with three or more children to buy a car, and increased funding for daycare centres and kindergartens. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán added that getting Hungarian families to have more children was preferable to allowing immigrants from Muslim countries to enter. Mr Orban also criticised Western countries for promoting immigration as a solution to tackle populating ageing and low birth rates.

The package of measures prompted criticism from progressive stakeholders, highlighting that the plan would jeopardise progress achieved on female autonomy. It was also sparked tension between Hungarian and Swedish authorities, following a comment published by Sweden's social affairs minister criticising the birth rate plan.

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