Hungary and Poland reassert their common position on matters affecting the European Union

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Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited Hungary's counterpart Viktor Orbán in Budapest for a meeting focusing on bilateral relations and relations with the European Union.

At the press conference, Hungarian Prime Minister stated the EU's migration policy had changed and urged the EU to allow Central Europe to have a stronger say in the future of the bloc. He also recalled the election outcome in Austria as an example that Europeans defend stricter immigration rules.

The Polish Prime Minister stated there was increasing acceptance in other Member States of the position adopted by Central Europe regarding immigration and the defense of so-called 'European values'.

Mr Morawiecki's visit was seen a confirmation of solidarity between the two countries, both facing soured relations with the EU authorities over issues ranging from migration to the rule of law.

+ Judgement in Joined Cases C-643/15 and C-647/15 Slovakia and Hungary v Council
+ Proposal for a Council Decision triggering Article 7 of the TEU against Poland

Reports of a meeting between Polish and Hungarian Prime Ministers on 3 January 2018, in which common positions were reaffirmed regarding a number of challenges facing the European Union.

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