Iberian MEPs’ teleological desire to create confusion

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Series Details 15/03/01, Volume 7, Number 11
Publication Date 15/03/2001
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Date: 15/03/01

Members of the European Parliament's constitutional affairs committee are often accused of being a group of distant, over-intellectual arch-federalists with their heads in the clouds.

Surely not, thinks Entre Nous, although the committee has not done itself many favours in its report on the Nice Treaty.

“European integration is teleological and is as such inseparable from its intrinsic element of process,” argue the two rapporteurs, Spanish centre-right MEP Iñigo Ménedez de Vigo (top) and Portuguese socialist António José Seguro (right) in the second paragraph of their introduction.

For a translation, we suggest you consult the nearest philosophy professor.

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