Identities and Foreign Policies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: The Other Europes

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Publication Date 2014
ISBN 978-0-333-99361-3
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What does 'belonging to Europe' mean for the European Union's eastern neighbours? Over the past two decades Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have experienced dramatic and sometimes bitterly contested changes in their relations with the European Union and with each other.

Marking a decisive step forward in the literature, White and Feklyunina explain the major shifts in their foreign policies in this volume by tracing their identity debates throughout the post-Soviet period. Based on research over more than a decade, including interviews, focus groups and national surveys as well as printed sources in several languages, this field-defining study demonstrates how the divergent articulations of identity vis-à-vis 'Europe' in the three countries, coupled with divergent views of Europe and the EU, shape their foreign policy preferences in a 'Europe' that is reconsidering its own boundaries and place in a changing world.


+ 1. Other 'Europes'
+ 2. Negotiating a Relationship
+ 3. 'Europe' and the post-Soviet Republics since 1991
+ 4. Russia and 'Europe': Elite Discourses
+ 5. Ukraine and 'Europe': Elite Discourses
+ 6. Belarus and 'Europe': Elite Discourses
+ 7. Mass Publics and Foreign Policies
+ 8. Conclusion: Identities and Foreign Policies in the Other Europes

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