Impact analysis: Study on baseline and impact indicators for rural development programming 2007-2013

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Publication Date 2005
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For the 2007-2013 programming period the EU-member states will have to produce new Rural Development Programmes. In order to assist everybody involved (programme managers, evaluators, desk officers etc.) the European Commission, DG AGRI, has commissioned several studies to give guidance and explanation on the new requirements.

This study deals with the subject of baseline indicators, and its goal is formulated as:

‘…provide draft guidance as an input to the Commission on the use of baselines and baseline indicators in rural development programmes in the new programming period from 2007-2013. In addition, it will provide a first assessment of baseline conditions in the member states. This guidance and assessment will be used as a basis for guidelines to Member States on programme development and evaluation corresponding to the increased focus on programme strategies in the proposed Rural Development regulation.’

In line with this goal, the study and this summary have the following structure:

1 Explanation of key concepts;

2 Definition of common baseline indicators that correspond to the hierarchy of objectives;

3 Treatment of additional baseline indicators.

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