Impact of the Administrative Reform on the Provision of Public Services in Estonia (the Case of Small Settlements of the Jõgeva County)

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Series Details Volume 27, Number 3-4, Pages 195-201
Publication Date 2019
ISBN 978-9985-844-91-5
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The objective of the article is to study and identify the impacts of the administrative reform on the provision of services in small settlements by analysing the opinions of the population of villages, towns and small towns and to use the result for making proposals for the necessary changes in the set of services provided by local governments. The research tasks of the study would be as follows:
  • to describe the essence of public services in small settlements;
  • to examine and identify the essence of the conception of local municipalities and the administrative reform;
  • to examine and provide an overview of the organisation of public services in local governments;
  • to examine whether the administrative reform has had a positive or negative impact on the services provided;
  • to make proposals on the basis of the research results for making the necessary changes in the services provided.
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