Improving the capacity to anticipate EU-wide labour market and skills requirements

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Series Details Autumn 2008
Publication Date 2009
ISSN 1725-5376
EC KE-AN-08-002-EN-C
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The aim of the EEO review: Autumn 2008 is to review the activities and instruments used to anticipate labour market and skills requirements in the countries covered by the EEO and identify activities and outcomes of the matching of labour market and skills needs.

This overview is based on national articles prepared by
the Sysdem network of labour market and employment experts. Its purpose is to provide a summary of key trends and developments in the EEO countries and analyse their implications for improving the EU-wide capacity to anticipate labour market and skills requirements.

The full national articles on this topic are available separately on the EEO website. A summary of the main existing instruments for forecasting labour market and skills requirements, in each of the countries, is provided in the Annex to this publication.

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