Inclusion and exclusion: unemployment and non-standard employment in Europe

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Publication Date 1999
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Published in 1999, this text is influenced by two sets of theories, namely regulation theories and theories on social citizenship. Regulation theories are mainly used as an overall guideline - a frame of reference - in the analysis of changed, unchanged and new types of integration and differentiation in working life and its social modes of regulations.

The perspective on social citizenship is concentrated on participation in working life - what are the changes in working life (unemployment and non-standard employment) and what are the conditions and the outcome of social regulation? These questions are thematized in two articles and analyzed in chapter 7 which focuses on four welfare state models represented by Portugal, England, the Netherlands and Denmark. The book aims to contribute material on labour market segmentation and social policies to combat labour market marginalization in four countries studies representing typical European welfare state models.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Citizen’s income as a heretical, political discourse: The Danish debate about citizen’s income
  • Chapter 3 - Development of Work and Social (Ex)inclusion
  • Chapter 4 - The Portuguese late modernization and the complexities of inclusion through work
  • Chapter 5 - Regulating the unemployed: From protection to participation
  • Chapter 6 - Atypical employment in the Netherlands
  • Chapter 7 - Non-standard employment, social exclusion, and the household: Evidence from Britain
  • Chapter 8 - Employment and social exclusion: The policy context and the policy response in the United Kingdom
  • Chapter 9 - Trends in the Danish social mode of economic regulation
  • Chapter 10 - Labour market flexibility and regulation
  • Chapter 11 - European convergence or national specificities?
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