Informal Euro-African summit on migration, 28 August 2017

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During the meeting, there was some support to a strategy which includes moving the European Union's external border into Africa itself, so that asylum applications can be handled locally. This would take place through the setting up of asylum and reception centres in Chad and Niger. The summit also provided support to a proposal from the European Commission designed to speed up processes linked to migration.

The summit in Paris was attended by the leaders of Chad, Niger, Libya, Germany, Italy and Spain, alongside the EU's High Representative for Foreign Policy.

President Emmanuel Macron had earlier in the summer of 2017 helped broker a ceasefire between Libya's transitional government and its main rival in the country's civil war on the 25 July 2017. The country had been in chaos since the fall of Colonel Gaddafi in 2011, and uniting it once more was seen as a key factor in solving the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean region.

On the 27 July 2017 President Macron said that France would set up processing centres in Libya for asylum seekers trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean.

French President Emmanuel Macro hosted on 28 August 2017 a mini-summit comprising a number of African and European leaders to discuss ways of tackling migration flows heading to Europe from Africa and easing return procedures for migrants.

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